Mobile Strike – Epic War Reviews

Exactly when the application is first presented, players passed on to the screen complex that contains a flying point of view of an armed force establishment. They were invited by a female character who made legitimate colleague, General. I will be your Mobile Strike guide. “Exactly when the player continues with, the woman proceeded to illuminate that the player must” shape develops as base will require support. They were then made by a walk by-step get ready module, which demonstrates that the player must use a vacant part and find the “develop” on their menu. The player can then do in that capacity by clearly using gold coins, or may create a plant with a holding up period (eg 1 minute).

The players by then said that the best way to deal with upgrade their quality is their HQ refresh at whatever point possible. To do this, players must adventure the unmistakable structures that have been set up and tap the “refresh”. This application in like manner contains a “Thing” range, where players can purchase “Included Items” from the store – isolates into a couple of orders, for instance, “War”, “Speed ​​Ups”, “Resources”, “One of a kind”, et cetera .

“Mission” Tab to choose the missions of players they have to satisfy (for example, ‘Basic Mission,’ “Mission” “,” Missionary Day “and” VIP mission ‘). Each class contains mission specific assignments, for instance, green change, lodging, oil wells, and so on. The player can then accumulate the reward to complete the mission. As the beguilement continues with, players must continue building things and get resources for their armed force establishment – for example, the player must frame and upgrade the oil wells since oil is a basic source to propel their progress based. The player ought to similarly create a shed to store their Mobile Strike benefits, a radar station to screen the adversary, another person from the facility for the hurt, and others. In view of the improvement of more things, players can extend their character – current high players, they get centers for aptitudes and strengths, Target Skills revolt mastery. These capacities can be used to refresh the base itself, or to extend the imperativeness profitability and vitality of the attack officer.

Mobile Strike Players can appreciate the test and battle, which contains some breathed life into viciousness. They could strike the enemy base, associate with player versus fight player, and others. In the midst of the battle, the enemy is extending burning, and players must use an individual base to send troops to ambush.

This application contains elevating to purchase in the application itself – static visual publicizing as often as possible seems to “arrangements, for instance, acquiring 6000 gold bullion regarded at $ 6.72. This arrangement is advanced as making PLAYERS persistent! In case they get it. This full screen advancement must be physically closed.

Mobile Strike  application similarly contains in-application store where players can buy certified money. Players can buy gold bullion package, with the 600 bar package for $ 6.72, for 13:46 $ 1400 bar, 3000 bar for $ 26.94, $ 67.36 for 8000 bar, 20000 bar for 134, $ 74. The splendid stems are used as a piece of the beguilement to quicken the advancement something holding up period.

In like manner, the application consolidates the post box where players get notice of the application itself, and can similarly visit with various players. At the base of the inbox, there is a little live visit incorporate where players can talk and talk between them joined the Alliance. These entertainments encourage players to consolidate the association by offering 500 gold coins, and furthermore prizes and rewards. Players can see the different associations together, with the title picked by exchange players (eg God of War, PBJ Sandwich, Los Terroristas, et cetera.). At the point when players join the collaboration, they can discuss with various people, articles and business resources, appreciate war shows, and offer assistance to various people to create/improve their own base. Mobile Strike Players may in like manner consolidate “Shooting Gallery”, which is a tinier redirection where the goal is typical and the player must support for shooting the practice. Amun must be bought with gold bullion and get hack Mobile Strike .

This application in like manner contains an “Instructional exercise Facebook” portion, where players said they could “Support a Facebook partner” and “rapidly get up prizes” and “Thank you prizes to play diversions.

The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild Review

February to March 2017 is officially the most difficult moment for gamers, the article of some of the anticipated MOST WANTED RPG game this year was released in a very close time. Call it Horizon: Zero Dawn, NieR: Automata, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Clash Royale, even until April 2017, the Persona 5 series will also come soon spoil us all.

Well, this time Nintendo released the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild along with their latest hybrid console Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017 yesterday. Game that became the beginning of the rise of the Switch and the end of the Wii U era is indeed very eagerly awaited since its inaugural announcement in 2013. This game has received many positive responses from gamers with high scores. So no wonder, now some “PC Master Race” to be willing to pay to get a Wii U emulator for PC that is CEMU 1.7.3 Patreon version in order to play this game. KotGa crews do not recommend this way because the best way to enjoy a game of course is played only in the official console in order to feel all the features with the maximum.

So what makes the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game that managed to get attention by gamers around the world? Is it from the graphics? Gameplay? Features? Or other? What makes PC Master Race gamers to willingly spend money to try Wii U emulator when it is clearly prohibited by Clash Royale ?

This time KotGa Crew will review the greatness of the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is able to make gamers fall in love. Before you start, let’s watch the trailer trailer first below.

For those of you fans of the famous franchise from Nintendo, it is definitely very waiting for the presence of The Legend of Zelda series: Breath of the Wild, the article Nintendo has made the fans waiting for several years. Initially, this game is planned for release in 2015 for Wii U only, but it turns out Nintendo intend to bring this game to his new console which was originally called “NX” before finally officially announced to Clash Royale Astuce .

Surprises and also affect the entire franchise of Nintendo that will also be present again for the Switch console, of course with new creations and innovations. Therefore, Nintendo has always held the old tradition to keep developing the game from the “old franchise” it has, one of them is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is to exist among the console manufacturers and games that exist today.

Well, when today’s games have generally offered quality improvements that spoil the human eye, Nintendo seems to have looked at it and learned it but it seems in a way that is not excited to remain “low profile” in occupying the Open World zone that has become Scramble from big manufacturers. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can not be juxtaposed with games from new franchises like Horizon: Zero Dawn or NieR: Automata which has now come first, although both carry the concept of RPG.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has its own market share and offers the advantages of the classic The Legend of Zelda game that is implemented in a more modern version.

Then how the KotGa Crew assessment of the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is this? KotGa crew will provide reviews in some important points which must have become a common factor to see a game.

This game retains its classic concept that has become the trademark of every major series of Zelda by reviving the story of the rise of Link characters to save the Zelda princess who is packed with new concept and world.

Well, a little leaked story in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This game tells about the destruction of Hyrule Kingdom that is in plain sight, behind the destruction of the magnificent kingdom there is evil power that is Calamity Ganon. The chaos perpetrated by Calamity Ganon could get a backlash by Princess Zelda with the five great knights of Hyrule Kingdom, but unfortunately one by one of the five knights were defeated against the evil forces.

Until finally only Princess Zelda live alone. With the rest of his strength, Princess Zelda seeks to contain the evil forces released by Calamity Ganon to the limit of 100 years. Now at the same time as the end of Princess Zelda’s retaining power, the Link arose again from her long sleep to defeat the evil figure of Ganon.

The Monkey King Online Preview

There will be a new browser game that will enliven the Indonesian gaming industry. The game is an adaptation of the movie starring Donnie Yen and Chow Yun Fat. The film is titled The Monkey King, a film that tells of a monkey’s monster named Son Wu Kong who claimed to be the Monkey King and because of the arrogant nature that is in him, Son Wu Kong was doing a very brutal act of ruffling the imagery that then make him face to face With Jade Emperor.

Not much different from the title of the movie, the browser game that will be released by Faveo Entertainment in Indonesia will be titled The Monkey King Online, as KotGa’s crew has reported the other day. The game is a browser game ber-genre fast action MMORPG with AAA quality (very good). Because the browser game is a movie adaptation then the plot is told in the game will not be much different from the original movie.

In this preview article, KotGa crew will explain about the class that will appear in the game browser. There are 4 classes that can be gamers choose to adventure in the sky that is Monkey King, Ox Demon Lord, Fox Demon and Iron Fan Princess. KotGa crew will explain one by one about the advantages of each class that started from Monkey King, the main role in the film you can get NBA Live Mobile hack on .

Monkey King is a class that has attributes as a uning and dominant fighter in a one-on-one battle. Has the advantages of crushed and high attack absorbency. The weapon used by him is also very typical that is Toya Sakti, with weapons of that type then the Monkey King has a medium attack distance. In addition Monkey King also mastered 72 science transforms a very magical form.

The next class is a brother of Monkey King’s Ox Demon Lord. This class has great strength and defense, even Monkey King is very difficult to penetrate his defense. With a giant gun-shaped weapon, the Ox Demon Lord is capable of destroying his entire opponent in a particular area with ease. It’s just a limited range of attacks that make it must be within a very close distance to the opponent. Ox NBA Live Mobile  also mastered 72 transformed science.

Still in contact with the Ox Demon Lord, this class has an amazing weapon. Iron Fan Princes is the wife of the Ox Demon Lord who was armed with a Kipas Sakti who was able to throw anything in front of him. The defense of this class is very low but has a magic attack with a very large destructive power. In addition, the distance and the area of ​​attack that can be produced by Iron Fan Princess is also very large.

Last is Fox Demon. This class has advantages of attack speed and the possibility of generating a high critical attack. This gorgeous shooter is a master killer who can finish off the opponent very quickly. Nevertheless, the Fox Demon does not seem very good at attack distance and the number of opponents that can be overcome in one attack because this class is more suitable to face the opponent one by one.

Such is the preview that KotGa crew makes for The Monkey King Online. Overall, this game will feature a very exciting gaming experience as a quality AAA browser game. There is no further information about the features that will be presented in this browser game or what kind of gameplay it later but it seems fans of the story Journey to the West will definitely like this game browser. Unfortunately, there has been no further information from Faveo Entertainment regarding the date of its release in Indonesia.

The Final Mod Version of Visual Watch Dogs is Available

Remember the TheWorse project? Yes, Federico’s “TheWorse” Rojas’s mods are capable of improving the visual quality of Watch Dogs, coming close to what Ubisoft has shown in E3 2012.

According to Rojas via his blog, now TheWorse has been available in the final version, or called ‘version 1.0’. Some changes were also seen, such as the effects of rain and better storms and improvements in in-game cameras.

“This is the latest release of my modification. I do my best to improve graphics and performance as much as possible without having to degrade the quality, “explains Rojas.

The game can download TheWorse mod in two different versions. One of them includes a texture pack from another modder called Maldo which is claimed to minimize stuttering. While the other version does not include the texture pack and get dragon ball z dokkan battle .

Responding to the presence of this mod, Ubisoft had time to issue a statement that mod can bring up new problems. “It subjectively improves the visual quality under certain conditions, but can also have many negative impacts. For example performance issues, difficulty reading the environment on the gameplay, and potentially make the game less able to be enjoyed or even unstable, “said Ubisoft.

As is known, Watch Dogs are present since May 27, 2014 and it does invite a lot of question marks related to the decline in visual quality than Ubisoft showcased at E3 2012. This also invited the modder’s interest to make modifications.

It turned out that the allegations about the visual decline proved after TheWorse found many ‘secret’ visual files titled dragon ball z dokkan battle which was proven to be disabled by Ubisoft. Basically, TheWorse mod is a patch that activates various ‘secret’ effects. Ubisoft himself mentioned that the inactivity of visual effects is not without a strong reason. They want to provide the best and stable gameplay experience, not just the eye-popping graphics.