Analyst Estimates COD: AW Lose Success With COD: Ghosts

The boredom that has begun to accumulate? Innovation is too minimal? Or an unruly annual release policy? Activision seems to remain adamant to defend Call of Duty’s identity as an annual game franchise. Not only that, they are even now starting a cycle of three developers – Infinity Ward, Treyach, and Sledgehammer Games to provide extra time for more development. This policy is positioned as the spearhead to give birth to a more exciting Call of Duty series and, of course, able to damp down the ever-present wave of criticism. But analysts do not seem too sure about the 2014 series – Call of roblox from Sledgehammer Games.

Analysts from the consumer research body Sterne Agee believe that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, despite its dazzling visual quality claims, will come with a worse sales performance than last year’s series which Infinity Ward co-produced – Call of Duty: Ghosts. This analyst predicts COD: AW will only be able to sell no more than 3 million copies, or about 15% less than the predecessor series. Still the lack of gamers who switch to the new generation console allegedly as one of the most crucial source of the problem. But fortunately, according to the same analyst, the absence of direct competition against Battlefield this year will provide little advantage for COD: AW itself.
Analysts predict COD AW will lose success compared to COD: Ghosts. The lack of innovation and the lack of significant number of new-gen consoles on the market is pointed out as a cause and gte roblox hack on .

This analyst also argued that the number of fans of Call of Duty who are tired because of the lack of innovation applied in each new series will make people reluctant to buy COD: AW. Especially if they do not see enough justification to switch from COD: The actual Ghosts are not much different. Gamers who have been disappointed with COD: Ghosts also mentioned will contribute to the decline in sales figures.

How about you? Are you a gamer still interested in tasting the Call of Duty series this year or are you starting to feel disgusted?