Mobile Legends Release Postponed

There are many reasons to anticipate the presence of the latest fighting game series from the popular franchise – Dragon Ball for the year 2015. Taking the Xenoverse name that survives with the battle system in the super-fast three-dimensional arena, this series comes with a unique story timeline. Serving as your own Saiyan character, you will venture past the iconic Mobile legends events that are now under threat of producing different outcomes. Being the inaugural series released for PC after a long wait, gamers who hope to taste this game as soon as possible seem to have to bite the fingers.

It was planned to be released in the second week of February 2015, Bandai Namco finally officially announced the delay of release for this one fighting game. Rest assured, this delay does not last long. Xenoverse’s Dragon Ball releases for the Americas and Europe will be rolled out one week from the original plan, with reasons to perfect the playing experience they want to offer. This delay is ensured for all existing release platforms.

Almost most of the games released in multiplatform will usually appear much more leverage on the PC. As a more dynamic platform, PCs offer the opportunity to enjoy gaming in the best visual performance to suit your rig capabilities. However there is one extra selling point why PCs are so favorite of many gamers, and one of them is mod. Injecting textures, content, to different gameplay mechanics, modder offers an experience that is so unique and different than the original game series. One modder even managed to make the latest series Mobile LegendsĀ  into an FPS game!

Enjoying the open-world concept of first-person glasses sounds interesting. Satisfying the curiosity of how this mechanic will be able to offer a new playing experience, a modder releases FPS mods for how hack mobile legends . But changing the perspective of third person games to first person is certainly not an easy job. Despite the uniqueness that it offers, the early versions of the mod still leave some major issues – such as the difficulty of knowing what peripherals are being used, weapon animations, to objects that just disappear from sight. Problems that of course will continue to be perfected in the future.