Bioware Gets Gamers’ Opinion on Remake of Mass Effect Trilogy

Talking about Western RPG games with a charm that is hard to resist, Bioware’s name deserves to be aligned in the ranks of leading developers who are able to achieve the standard. Names such as Dragon Age, Star Wars Old Republic, and its sci-fi RPG: Mass Effect, Bioware build a unique appeal to all of its products. The freedom to make choices and deal with the consequences that arise from them has always been interesting. With the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition is already in sight and the latest generation of Roblox hack projects that have been confirmed are being developed, Bioware has one other hope.

Rumors about the relaunch of Mass Effect trilogy to the latest generation consoles – Playstation 4 and Xbox One were heard some time ago, but denied by Bioware himself. They are not in the middle of this process, but the hope to make it happen is still strong. Boss from Bioware Edmonton and Montreal – Aaryn Flynn even brings this expectation further – by throwing a simple poll into the NeoGaf community site to find out what features they want to apply, if the project is developed.
Aaryn Flynn – one of Bioware’s top brass expressed interest in re-releasing the Mass Effect trilogy. He even did a simple poll to ask the opinions of gamers in NeoGaf. He also asserted that this is still just a discourse, without any certainty will end up being a real product or not.

Flynn himself plans to re-release all three games in high definition textures, especially for Mass Effect 1, which all runs in 1080p. This Mass Effect Trilogy Remake will load all the DLCs that were released without exception and will be packed in a continuous play experience, so no need to import save and download roblox on here.

Nevertheless, he refused to “renew” the mechanics of Mass Effect 1 gameplay with the more convenient mechanical gameplay Mass Effect 3. Flynn said that this process will take time, as well as it will hurt the confidence of gamers who may prefer the first mechanical Mass Effect. Flynn insisted that what he conveyed with the poll was still a “hope”, with no certainty whether he would lead into a real project or not.

How about you? Would you be interested if Bioware re-released Mass Effect trilogy with a concept like this? What features would you most like to add to it?

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