FIFA 17 Also Get Film Adaptation?

Trends adaptation franchise big-game franchise to the big screen does not seem to belong exclusively action games or RPGs were scattered on the market. The presence of movie-style racing Fast and Furious – which offers racing action cool cars on the streets along with the cliche plot full of action turned out to be the foundation for a process of adaptation racing game franchise. Need for Speed ​​is the concept not unlike being the first after the confirmation of the film version of EA’s own mouth. Oddly enough, of all the competitors racing game that comes with the same taste – quite FIFA 17 who is rumored to be following in the footsteps of this NFS and visit fifa16hacked .

According to entertainment website – The Wrap, FIFA 17 is exploring options to be adapted into a movie series. As we know, FIFA 17 is not an arcade racing game full of action ala Burnout or NFS. He is a simulation game that focuses just ask you to take a faster time than the other one lap to lap, even without the action altogether. How Sony will visualize a film beradasarkan class racing simulation game FIFA 17? Sony reportedly will invite the director 50 Shades of Gray – Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti to help this great project. Although this rumor has spread in cyberspace, Sony itself is keeping silent.

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