NVIDIA Acknowledge Release Information GTA V PC An Error!

Hope that grows, then dies back, gets up, and ends up collapsing, this is what may be coming to most PC gamers today. With the release time of only a month, Rockstar still has not provided any confirmation regarding the existence of GTA V for PC. The only hope of PC gamers now lies in the shoulders of various rumors and leaks of information that are heavily heard. One of the latest? Gliding from a giant NVIDIA company that accidentally mentions an autumn release for this highly anticipated gamer PC game. This supposedly boring financial report will be the latest mecca of PC gamers around the world.

NVIDIA has finally clarified that the PC version of GTA V releases that were out of their mouths were not valid information. Just call it wrong because of enthusiasm alone.

Chris Evenden statement yesterday became a kind of new lighthouse that became the foundation for PC gamers who are dreaming of the presence of GTA V PC version. Unfortunately, this dream must end. Seeing great interest in this Evenden statement, NVIDIA finally released an official comment to respond to the “unrest” that occurred in cyberspace. NVIDIA recognizes this Evenden statement as an error that arises from the enthusiasm to give a positive picture of the potential of the PC gaming market. It does not represent information that NVIDIA does know the official PC release date for GTA V  hack and its availability. For that, they apologize and regret this mistake.

So for most PC gamers who got excited about the NVIDIA news yesterday and so hope that the GTA V PC release date is real, it’s a great time to get back into the tunnel of anxiety and pray more. When will we get the confirmation, Rockstar ??!

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