This is the Preliminary Information Related to New Project Marvel Contest of Champions

After quite a long time not been heard, 2K Games finally returned to the subject of online games that had they called his name in the year 2011, Marvel Contest of Champions. Still holding XL Games as the developer of the game Marvel Contest of Champions android download, the 2K Games stated that the game is “new” will carry a different concept to the major series of Civilization and Marvel Contest of Champions game that had been discussed in 2011 ago.

Based on the information provided by the 2K Games and XL Games to Joystiq, the game is not just an online version of turn-based strategy series Marvel Contest of Champions . This game will carry a different genre, namely MMORPG, not online turn-based strategy as many predicted. Players will control one character and not the state, and the character will help the country to develop in accordance with the age being played, such as the era of Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, and Modern.

Although it carries a different genre, Marvel Contest of Champions will keep bringing different identities Civilization series, including the victory conditions that exist as well as the concept of the development era. However, all that will be presented from a different perspective where the player is no longer govern all aspects of the care of a state, but only small parts of which were presented in the form of MMORPG.

FIFA 17 Also Get Film Adaptation?

Trends adaptation franchise big-game franchise to the big screen does not seem to belong exclusively action games or RPGs were scattered on the market. The presence of movie-style racing Fast and Furious – which offers racing action cool cars on the streets along with the cliche plot full of action turned out to be the foundation for a process of adaptation racing game franchise. Need for Speed ​​is the concept not unlike being the first after the confirmation of the film version of EA’s own mouth. Oddly enough, of all the competitors racing game that comes with the same taste – quite FIFA 17 who is rumored to be following in the footsteps of this NFS and visit fifa16hacked .

According to entertainment website – The Wrap, FIFA 17 is exploring options to be adapted into a movie series. As we know, FIFA 17 is not an arcade racing game full of action ala Burnout or NFS. He is a simulation game that focuses just ask you to take a faster time than the other one lap to lap, even without the action altogether. How Sony will visualize a film beradasarkan class racing simulation game FIFA 17? Sony reportedly will invite the director 50 Shades of Gray – Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti to help this great project. Although this rumor has spread in cyberspace, Sony itself is keeping silent.

Some Screenshot Gallery Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle

Ready to accompany the release and spearhead the next-gen consoles from Sony – Playstation 4 to achieve the popularity competent and competitive in the market next-gen, Guerrilla Games has prepared Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hacks in their arsenal. After performing quite successful trilogy of battles between the ISA and Helghast in the previous two generations of consoles Playstation, Sony apparently will not hesitate to give it an extra responsibility for the franchise this one – introduces the ability Playstation 4 to the public. Things did it in the event E3 2013 yesterday.

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle had been introduced since Sony introduced the Playstation 4 for the first time. Visualization with detail and stunning graphic effects are already visible from a series of the latest trailer and screenshots were released at the beginning of this introduction. E3 2013 yesterday shows some new gameplay side, including the presence of drones that will help you to deal with any threats. To help gamers get better detail, Guirrella also includes the latest screenshots to accompany this 2013 E3 demo.

NBA Live Mobile Developer Introduces New Game

Where gamers who have never known the name of Ninja Theory before? Success brings several titles with exceptional qualities such as Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, this one developer popularity soared higher when asked to handle the project for NBA Live Mobile reboot. Time to get criticism and attacks because of their courage to replace a variety of iconic elements in it, the NBA Live Mobile coins would be able to prove yourself and look amazing. Through an official announcement, Ninja Theory is currently developing a new game – fightback.

For those of you who are hoping that this game would be born to a PC, console, or next-gen platform in the future, you may be disappointed. The latest project titled “fightback” is a mobile game that will slide to the two largest operating system – iOS and Android this summer. There are no details that slide, in addition to ensuring that a fightback is an action game free to play with the typical game of the 80s were lumpy. No kidding, Ninja Theory focuses even ready to introduce this one game at E3 2013.

Best Madden Mobile Review

More zombies and games that require you to survive the onslaught of passing any existing, this one seems the trend will not move from the gaming industry in the near future. Flooded with themes that have been released in various forms of gameplay mechanics and story, a series of re-born with a force that is not much different. Born from the same developer who developed Dead Island and the Call of Juarez – Techland, under the auspices of Warner Bros, be prepared to welcome – Madden Mobile hack.

What makes it different than the previous zombie games? This is certainly the main question. Unlike the Dead Island that they develop, Madden Mobile will actually make exploration as a major force. The main character will be able to navigate the style of Mirror’s Edge, where parkour movement will become a familiar sight. Collect as many resources as possible to survive, Madden Mobile also will carry the day and night system dynamically. Threats at night is much more dangerous. The main character can also build and modify existing weapons to provide extra damage to the zombies there.