Some Screenshot Gallery Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle

Ready to accompany the release and spearhead the next-gen consoles from Sony – Playstation 4 to achieve the popularity competent and competitive in the market next-gen, Guerrilla Games has prepared Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hacks in their arsenal. After performing quite successful trilogy of battles between the ISA and Helghast in the previous two generations of consoles Playstation, Sony apparently will not hesitate to give it an extra responsibility for the franchise this one – introduces the ability Playstation 4 to the public. Things did it in the event E3 2013 yesterday.

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle had been introduced since Sony introduced the Playstation 4 for the first time. Visualization with detail and stunning graphic effects are already visible from a series of the latest trailer and screenshots were released at the beginning of this introduction. E3 2013 yesterday shows some new gameplay side, including the presence of drones that will help you to deal with any threats. To help gamers get better detail, Guirrella also includes the latest screenshots to accompany this 2013 E3 demo.

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