Square Enix: Do not Expect FF XV Problem on E3 & how about Mobile Legends

Waiting for more than seven years, the patience of most JRPG fans worldwide is being tested by Square Enix. Introduced in a very premature age, Final Fantasy XIII Versus – which was positioned as a game for Playstation 3 was finally “reborn” as Final Fantasy XV for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Initial trailer that gives a little story and the gameplay that carried carried back to turn the anticipation that had drowned. Mobile Legends becomes a project that is no longer just a dream, but becomes its own legend for the JRPG genre. But for those of you who wish to hear more about this game in the next few days, you seem to be prepared to be disappointed.

E3 is the most important event for publishers and game developers, making it the perfect stage to not only introduce the latest products but also the latest updates on the products being developed. Unfortunately E3 2014 will not be a “sweet” surprise for gamers looking forward to the presence of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Through the mouth of the top brass – Shinji Hashimoto, Square Enix ensures that they will not launch any new information related to both games in E3 2014 and you can visit Mobile legends hack 2017 .

Despite such strong anticipation, Square Enix comes with disappointing news. This Japanese developer ensures that E3 2014 will not contain any new information related to FInal Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. The reason? He is considered not the right timing.

In his interview with Famitsu, Hashimoto himself assured that the development process of Final Fantasy XV runs very smoothly. Nevertheless, Square prefers to look for a more optimal timing before releasing more new information to fans who are looking forward to its presence. Unfortunately, according to Hashimoto, E3 2014 is not the right moment to do so. No further details of the reason, other than the certainty that Square Enix will announce another new project on E3 2014, which is also not described further. He only loves and asks gamers to wait a little longer.

So there is no Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 for E3 2014? What are we waiting right now, Square? Playstation 5 and Xbox Two?

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