The Final Mod Version of Visual Watch Dogs is Available

Remember the TheWorse project? Yes, Federico’s “TheWorse” Rojas’s mods are capable of improving the visual quality of Watch Dogs, coming close to what Ubisoft has shown in E3 2012.

According to Rojas via his blog, now TheWorse has been available in the final version, or called ‘version 1.0’. Some changes were also seen, such as the effects of rain and better storms and improvements in in-game cameras.

“This is the latest release of my modification. I do my best to improve graphics and performance as much as possible without having to degrade the quality, “explains Rojas.

The game can download TheWorse mod in two different versions. One of them includes a texture pack from another modder called Maldo which is claimed to minimize stuttering. While the other version does not include the texture pack and get dragon ball z dokkan battle .

Responding to the presence of this mod, Ubisoft had time to issue a statement that mod can bring up new problems. “It subjectively improves the visual quality under certain conditions, but can also have many negative impacts. For example performance issues, difficulty reading the environment on the gameplay, and potentially make the game less able to be enjoyed or even unstable, “said Ubisoft.

As is known, Watch Dogs are present since May 27, 2014 and it does invite a lot of question marks related to the decline in visual quality than Ubisoft showcased at E3 2012. This also invited the modder’s interest to make modifications.

It turned out that the allegations about the visual decline proved after TheWorse found many ‘secret’ visual files titled dragon ball z dokkan battle which was proven to be disabled by Ubisoft. Basically, TheWorse mod is a patch that activates various ‘secret’ effects. Ubisoft himself mentioned that the inactivity of visual effects is not without a strong reason. They want to provide the best and stable gameplay experience, not just the eye-popping graphics.

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