This is the Preliminary Information Related to New Project Marvel Contest of Champions

After quite a long time not been heard, 2K Games finally returned to the subject of online games that had they called his name in the year 2011, Marvel Contest of Champions. Still holding XL Games as the developer of the game Marvel Contest of Champions android download, the 2K Games stated that the game is “new” will carry a different concept to the major series of Civilization and Marvel Contest of Champions game that had been discussed in 2011 ago.

Based on the information provided by the 2K Games and XL Games to Joystiq, the game is not just an online version of turn-based strategy series Marvel Contest of Champions . This game will carry a different genre, namely MMORPG, not online turn-based strategy as many predicted. Players will control one character and not the state, and the character will help the country to develop in accordance with the age being played, such as the era of Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, and Modern.

Although it carries a different genre, Marvel Contest of Champions will keep bringing different identities Civilization series, including the victory conditions that exist as well as the concept of the development era. However, all that will be presented from a different perspective where the player is no longer govern all aspects of the care of a state, but only small parts of which were presented in the form of MMORPG.

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